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Built in 1992 in north/east Italy this was the first built in Italy Loehle Aircraft 5151 Mustang. Displayed at “Meeting del Monte Grappa” in northern Italy in the “Tennessee Stud” color scheme It surprised the visitors for the excellent flight performance for a so small engine installed on a so big machine compared to the ultralight airplanes at that time. 


The engine is a 2 stroke Rotax 582 64 HP with a 6’ 8” diameter 2 blades propeller, recently updated with a 5’ 8” 4 blades. Sold in 1998 flown for 2 more years in Milan area until the beginning of the year 2000 when it was damaged by a crash landing and 2 years later was purchased by me and restored together with the original builders. 


The restoring process lasted 4 years and the plane was ready to fly again in the beginning of 2007 with a new color scheme, The “Danny Boy 2”. Now is flying regulary at Aquile Randagie airfield where is based and from June 2012 is part of the Historical Aircraft Group Italy as a 3/4 scale P51D Mustang ultralight. 


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